From Boston to Oregon, Bridge to Brews

On Patriot’s Day, Boston was quite literally taken by storm and Alejandro Fallas and Eric Laurel were there for all of it. On a day that could only be described as absolutely brutal with a strong headwind, endless sheets of rain, and a wind chill of 20 degrees, Alejandro and Eric put their winter training in the pacific northwest to the ultimate test. Running much of the course together, and even managing to crack a smile through the famous Wellesley Girls Scream Tunnel (as of now, the only on-course smile on record), the RCTC men finished strong, Fallas in 2:46:13, beating his course record set the previous year by exactly six minutes, and Laurel in 2:55:06.

Earlier that weekend in Boston, Fionna Fallon raced in the B.A.A. 5K. On a beautiful, clear morning, Fallon set off among some of the fastest women in the nation and finished strong with a season PR of 17:53.

Back in Oregon, Chloe Hallyburton raced in the Corvallis Half Marathon staged at Oregon State University. Chloe, whose half marathon best going into the weekend was 1:37:02, had set a big goal of running under 1:35. As seems to be the theme of her spring season, she knocked it way out of the park, finishing in 1:33:02 and placing among the top ten women.

Chloe en route to a big PR at the Corvallis Half Marathon.

On Sunday, Angela Vinton and Steph Norris were treated to sweeping views of Portland from the height of Fremont Bridge in the Bridge to Brews 8K and 10K. Angela finished strong in the 10K in 51:41, and of the race Steph wrote, “It’s funny what happens when you stop caring about the time on your watch and start focusing on the cheering crowd, the view over the Fremont, and simply putting one foot in front of another. I went out way too fast (shocker), struggled on the mile 2 uphill (another shocker), but finished the race with a half mile sprint and a huge smile on my face.”

This weekend, catch RCTC members at the Oiselle Tenacious 10K in Seattle and the Bend Marathon and Half Marathon. View our full race calendar here, and as always, follow @rosecitytrack on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates on the fly.

By Liz Anjos / @pinkfeathers

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