The Weekend That Was: Bloomsday, Vancouver, Barcelona, and Cinco de Mayo

What a weekend for RCTC!

Jaime Musgrave, Marla Smith, and RCTC coach Greg Mitchell took on the challenging Lilac Bloomsday Run 12K. This was Marla’s 31st year running Bloomsday and her first race post-partum after her second child, and she placed among the top 50 women in a very deep field. She said she’s feeling pretty happy about it and met her goal of running a decent time in comparison to her personal best.

Greg wrote about the race, “Not my best day but always good to be out there racing. Also, Bloomsday is hard.” (editors note: TRUTH). This was Jaime’s first time running Bloomsday and she wrote, “It was hot, hilly and tough today, but the good news is I’ve never run a 12K so it’s an automatic PR!”

Up in Vancouver, BC, Meg Houlihan and her sister Kate ran strong at the BMO Vancouver Marathon!

Meg (left) and Kate Houlihan at the Vancouver Marathon start line

Stephanie Norris seized the day and jumped into the Cinco De Mayo 5K happening right in her neighborhood. She had been planning to run 4-5 miles on her own, but said the race gave her the boost she needed to do six!

Stephanie Norris at the Cinco de Mayo 5K

Alejandro Fallas repped Rose City at a 10K race on his travels all the way in Barcelona. He said, “Far away from home and far away from a 10K PR, but at least I got a nice running tour of the city!”

Alejandro Fallas repping RCTC in Barcelona

This Saturday, May 12th, catch Dani Reese in the Paiute Meadows 50K in Susanville, CA and Liz Anjos in the Portland Twilight 5000m. Two weeks from now on May 20th, Chloe Hallyburton will run the Sun Mountain 25K and Angela Vinton will head to Astoria for their Run on the River series. Check out the rest of our race calendar here.

As always, follow @rosecitytrack on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for our latest team results and updates.

Written by Liz Anjos | @pinkfeathers


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