Tackling all terrains: RCTC at Hood to Coast, Canby Dahlia Run and Timberjack 30k

From the mountains, roads, fields and the coast, Rose City Track Club represented hard this weekend at Hood To Coast, Canby Dahlia Run and the Timberjack 30k.

Seven RCTC members were out competing on six different teams for Hood To Coast, a relay race consisting of 12-person teams running 199 miles from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon.

Fionna Fallon and Emma Huston were both on team “Goats N Roses,” the female champions and ninth place overall with a time of 20:47:39. This makes their finishing time the second best women’s team in Hood to Coast history, just behind a professional Nike team from the ’90s.

Emma Huston and Fionna Fallon with Goats N Roses, back row, second and third from left
Fallon said the team faced an extra challenge when a teammate pulled her hamstring in her first leg. Fallon gave a special shout-out to teammate Huston joined the team with less than 15 hours notice.
Alejandro Fallas (top) and a teammate during Hood to Coast

Following close behind was Alejandro Fallas of “Vine Maple Savages”, who finished in 21:56:02 for 21st place overall.

A Hood to Coast veteran, Fallas said “This was my seventh time running the race but my first time not running leg nine which made the race a completely different experience.  I had a great time and really enjoyed the race, mostly because there was a great vibe all the time.  Everyone was running hard but still having fun which is difficult when you spend so much time in a van.”

Not far behind was Emma Notario, running with the women’s submasters team “Kick It Chicks” who finished in 25:07:53.

Emma Notario (center back row) with the “Kick It Chicks”

Varying terrain and weather made for a tough, but fun, experience, according to Notario. After a hot first leg, followed by a cool and misty second leg, her last leg involved seven miles on a gravel path accompanied by pouring, hot rain. “I enjoyed pushing myself on the first two (legs) and was happy with the results given how exhausted I’ve felt and struggled with running since early May. I hope this means I am on the upswing!”

Glenn Kasin ran his first Hood to Coast this weekend with University Of Western States, finishing in 25:18:58. When asked about how his race went, Kasin said “Not so much a race, but an experience. It went well and it was very different from anything I have done before. Staying up for 25-plus hours straight not so fun. All I wanted was a shower and a comfy bed!”

Glenn Kasin, first row, second from right with his Hood to Coast team

Patricia Liu, who ran a strong Hood to Coast debut, spoke highly of the experience the race offered runners. “We ran hard but also felt relaxed enough to really soak up and embrace the spirit and camaraderie of Hood to Coast,” Liu said. “The legs of the runs were absolutely gorgeous, particularly running down Mount Hood and then through the coastal range.”

Pat Liu racing Hood to Coast in RCTC yellow

Also racing Hood to Coast was Molly Christison who represented RCTC well by running solid segments throughout.

Just South of the HTC action saw Dan GentileMarla Smith and Shasta Zielke running the Canby Dahlia Half and 10K, respectively, in Canby, OR.

In the half-marathon, Gentile pushed for first place overall with a time of 1:20:58. Of his race, Gentile said he felt great and hit his target goal. “I’m looking forward to building on this performance.”

Smith also took on the half-marathon route and gave a gutsy effort as she continues to build for the marathon this fall.

In the 10K, Zielke ran strong to an overall first place finish in a time of 40:07. “My fitness has been a giant question mark lately,” Zielke said. “After this race I think I have a better idea where I’m at as I look ahead to the Portland Half in October. Overall, it was a beautiful day for a race and I was so happy to be out there. And I’ll take a win any day!”

Over in Bend, OR, Madeline Tomseth was tackling the Timberjack 30K with over 2,000 feet of elevation gain. Tomseth ran away with first place female and eighth overall finish in a time of 3:29:31.

Tomseth said Timberjack was “the ultimate summer Bend race: incredible trails, hot and dry heat, and a brutal climb saved for the last 9 miles of the race. This was a fun challenge and intro into ultra trail racing!”

Be on the lookout for more Rose City Track Club action as the team takes on the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon and 5K along with the Kolache 5K this weekend.
Written by Thailyr Jaegersen, writer and co-founder of Straights & Curves, an independent, running-centric zine made in Portland, Oregon.

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