A Day in the Life: Dan Gentile

Dan Gentile is a concert roadie, videographer, coffee aficionado, and has had a phenomenal year of running. Within a span of just six months, he’s taken his half marathon personal best from 1:30:31 down to 1:13:51. In this second issue of our “A Day in the Life” interview series, Dan shares how his personal and professional life have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Our hope is that by sharing each other’s stories, we can continue to connect as a running community and paint a picture of how everyone’s managing during this difficult time.

How has the last month been for you?

The last month has been quite an interesting one, from being out on tour business as usual to being sent home early, shows being postponed till later in the year, and any upcoming work being up in the air. Moving during all of this has also been interesting but at least it has given me something to do.

What’s changed for you at your place of work?

Currently furloughed, till at least mid-May at the earliest but I suspect that that will continue probably until August. With the whole industry shut down, I’m just trying to find creative outlets for myself so I don’t go crazy!

What’s something others might not realize about the work you’re doing right now?

Since I for sure don’t have an essential job, I’ve gone ahead and created my own work for myself, things I can do at my house and don’t involve any additional unnecessary human interaction. I created a Youtube channel, mostly centered around coffee, something that I truly enjoy. I know it’s not solving anything for the greater good, but it keeps me in a positive head space, and thats important for me.

What differences have you noticed in the ways that your communities are operating? (Whether that’s your place of work, neighborhood, clubs, inner friend circle..)

I definitely have seen less people out driving. Most folks seem to be taking the social distancing serious and are being polite and courteous about it.

Have you had to make any adjustments to your schedule or routine for yourself or other members of your family?

I still make sure I have a schedule, I still get up around the same time every day, put in some “work”, keep the house tidy and find things to do. My girlfriend is working from home, so I make sure that she’s supported and has the space she needs to still maintain her sanity.

How has running/fitness fit into your life with everything that’s going on?

No too much has changed, aside from not going to the gym. I largely have done most of my runs by myself, especially while out on tour since I could never convince anyone to come with me. Early on I was still doing a couple of workouts with 1 or 2 different people, but that has since stopped. Virtual races like the Run Free Grand Prix are nice things to keep me motivated since all of the races I had planed this spring have been cancelled.

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