A Day in the Life: Shauna Jean Vincent

Shauna Jean Vincent is an Army Audiologist residing in Washington state after spending 18 months stationed in South Korea. She’s an avid runner, cyclist, rock climber, and a longtime member of RCTC.

How has the last month been for you?

Honestly felt like an extended vacation between moving from S. Korea through Texas and now Washington. Very interesting time to be in transition!

What’s changed for you at your place of work?

My only job for the day is to text my boss by 09 to say I’m alive and then check email throughout the day. That is quite a change of pace!

What’s something others might not realize about the work you’re doing right now?

Audiologists in the Army are Preventive Medicine Officers so we work in all areas of Public Health. Specifically for the Military we are trained to help with contact tracings for different events, trained in Nuclear/Radiation safety and Industrial Health and Hygiene.

What differences have you noticed in the ways that your communities are operating? (Whether that’s your place of work, neighborhood, clubs, inner friend circle..)

Well I’ve been gone in South Korea for 18 months so coming back to a pandemic has been very strange. In South Korea everyone already wears masks because of pollution and if they are feeling unwell (something that I think is important even when not in the midst of a pandemic) so I have been very accustomed to seeing this and wearing a mask. I do see people in the communities here not doing it as much as they should. Being in the Military I am already used to having certain travel restrictions and having to ask permission to go out of a certain radius (because they always need to know where we are for accountability) so that is not foreign to me. I see a lot of folks struggling with this in particular because they are very used to doing whatever they want, whenever they want. It’s a hard transition for people to then be told they can’t do things.

Have you had to make any adjustments to your schedule or routine for yourself or other members of your family?

Fortunately my schedule is basically the same. I just don’t have to report in to work so I have a lot more free time.

How has running/fitness fit into your life with everything that’s going on?

The hardest part is that I can’t swim or rock climb. I have a lot of gym equipment at my house and a bike trainer so I am able to do all of those things. I live right by a park with trails and I am lucky that I can go to the base and ride my bike and hit all the trails over there. Just have to keep moving to stay sane!

Shauna’s home gym set up

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