Rachel Wysocki runs for joy

As one of the early members of Rose City Track Club, Rachel Wysocki, DC, MS, is one of the stalwarts of our local running community. A chiropractor by trade, Rachel also has a unique understanding of the body’s many intricacies—a skill that has helped her, and many of us, many times throughout the years!

Rachel’s love for running comes from a place of joy. When she found Rose City Track Club, she discovered some of the characteristics that make running so meaningful to her: community, structure, and a common goal. We spoke with Rachel about her first introduction to the sport, her involvement with the club, and her goals moving forward.

What was your introduction to running?

My Dad was my first introduction to running. I remember doing my first mile race when I was around 5 years old. I don’t remember much of the race but I do remember stopping to pick a big dandelion while he and my older brother encouraged me to keep going and actually finish the race.

How did you first get involved with RCTC?

I have been on the team I think since year 2! I had just finished grad school and had more time to get back into the running community again. I started running with a few clubs casually but then when I found RCTC it was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. Community, structure, and strength training!

What is your why, with running and other aspects of your life?

This is a question I’ve struggled back and forth with my entire life as a runner. I often got caught up in the trap of performance and my ego being the only thing that would drive me, often leading to overtraining and injuries. Only recently have I been able to come back to the original reason I started running as a kid in the first place, joy!

How does your chiropractic background influence you as an athlete?

My background as an athlete is actually what got me into chiropractic in the first place. I was constantly getting injured in college and always wanted to get to the bottom of why that was happening. I was never satisfied with just having to rest and wait things out, but rather what I could be doing proactively to prevent this the next time or speed recovery while injured. Now that I am a chiropractor it has made me a much smarter athlete and I respect my body and the training process much more!

What was one moment you felt really proud of yourself being involved in this sport?

I’ve felt proud of myself in so many races for both speed and emotional growth accomplishments, but damn everytime I watch a marathon I could just cry. I have never raced one, but seeing people who have worked so hard and are so vulnerable to lay their heart out on the course makes me feel so proud! Shoutout to all of our CIM’ers!

Is running an art or a science? both?

Absolutely both! The more I work on people as a chiropractor, I see what an art the human body is. Different people respond to different things, even with the exact same condition. If running was completely a science there would be some perfect training plan template that existed and worked for everyone. Listening to and honoring the needs of your body during the training process and not letting it be influenced by someone else’s is the real individual art of this sport and that part of it I love.

Any running or professional goals you’re working on right now?

Running wise I strained my hammy a few weeks ago trying to teach my puppy to run with me haha, but I have been doing my PT and ready to ease back into running. I really want to focus on strength training this winter as my goal while building back up to my base! Professionally I have been working to create my own brand within my group practice and start to put out more resources for runners. Maybe get back into hosting some workshops again!

Long run, tempo, easy: Which one best fits your personality?

Long run, more ability to get creative and pick a path as you go. Lots of flexibility to stop and enjoy your surroundings. 

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