MISSION STATEMENT: Rose City Track Club inspires joy and growth in athletes through promoting the sport of running. Toward that goal, RCTC provides a supportive training platform for athletes to improve and strive to compete at a national class level, and conducts competitive footraces enjoyed by youth and amateur athletes alike. RCTC is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and to foster national and international amateur sports within the meaning of 501(c)(3) and 501(j) of the Internal Revenue Code.

RCTC founding members Liz Anjos, Shasta Zielke, Sarah Price, and Dani Reese

Rose City Track Club found its roots among friends with a zeal for training and racing. They learned they could bring out the best in each other by simply showing up, be it at the track to run mile repeats at dawn or cheering from the sidelines of a road race.

Many runners, if they’re lucky, get their start running in middle school, high school, or through their local youth league. Some go on to compete at a collegiate level. Some don’t take their first step well into adulthood. Beyond that, attempting to train at a high level without a structured support network can be a lonely ordeal. Our aim is to provide that type of support system as well as structured training, whether one is fresh out of the collegiate system or looking to develop later in life.

To that end, RCTC provides a supportive, small-group training environment that includes weekly runs, workouts, and strength sessions, in-person coaching from head coach Greg Mitchell, access to partner specialists and educational sessions, and opportunities to volunteer and give back to the local running community. We’re proud to offer scholarships to athletes that demonstrate a certain level of talent and achievement, and we’re excited to conduct our first-ever community track race open to youth, amateur, and elite athletes alike on June 9th, called the Rose City Mile.

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