Ashlyn Taulbee

Member since 2019

Name: Ashlyn Taulbee

Hometown: Chillicothe, OH

Current city: Vancouver, WA

Occupation: Nurse practitioner

Instagram handle: @ashlynhowie

Racing highlights/PRs:
Mile – 5:28 Rose City Mile 2019
5K – 18:34 Dublin Irish Festival 2015
3K Steeple – 11:32 Conference Championships 2015
10K – 40:07 Conference Championships 2015

Best race experience: The Rose City Mile in 2019 is recently my most memorable race experience. I had just finished graduate school and moved across the country. I jumped into this race on a whim, having not really trained for it, no expectations and not knowing anyone besides Jamie who also came along on whim. I haven’t had a PR since 2015/2016 when I was in way better shape and training consistently. I did think prior to the race that a mile PR was unlikely but I also thought ‘who cares, just have fun!’ I truly went into this race with no expectations except to have fun which is a huge reason why this is one of the most memorable races. For a long time, I hadn’t been able to race without strings attached. So when I ended up leading in my heat and coming away with a PR I was THRILLED! There is a lot that can happen when you approach a race with a chill attitude and just run hard.

Best running experience: My best running experiences include the sunrises and sunsets during runs , the fresh smell of Spring at the track, the miles logged with good company and good conversations, the deep fatigue that you feel at the end of a long week of training and a long run, post long run naps, summer miles in sports bras…to name a few! I know I’m supposed to describe one specific experience but I have had so many great and small experiences. I believe that it’s the small, sometimes subtle experiences in life and running that are actually the best for if it weren’t for the details, I’d never have a ‘best’ running experience. College running sure was amazing though.

Passion(s) outside of running: I love lifestyle medicine, teaching my patients how to lead stronger, healthier and hopefully longer lives. Outside of my career- I love reading, exploring, cooking and date nights with my husband. We are fairly new here still and I’m super excited for all the exploring in the next few months!

Favorite post-run meal: My favorite post run breakfast is usually a protein shake, coffee, a whole potato sliced and heated up on a skillet with cheese, eggs, tomatoes and any other veggie that I find. Potatoes are my favorite and I eat them daily…sometimes multiple times!