Rose City in Boston and Beyond

Within the span of just over a week, Rose City Track Club represented in the Boston Marathon, Bridge to Brews, the Peterson Ridge Rumble, and Tenacious 10K.

Boston Marathon

Despite earlier forecasts predicting rain and a strong headwind (not unlike the previous years’ conditions), the clouds parted and Boston Marathon runners found themselves at the start line in unexpectedly warm and humid conditions. For Hope Hill and Thailyr Jaegersen, it would be their first time running the fabled course from Hopkinton to Boylston Street.

Hill commented, “The race was unlike anything I have ever experienced. First off, it was so fun to toe the line next to Thailyr. It helped to calm my nerves and get me excited for the race to come. The crowd support was UNREAL. I found myself smiling the majority of the race because I was having so much fun. Although my legs felt like they were going to give out at mile 24, I kept distracting myself from the pain with the help of the cheering crowds. I was lucky to have friends and family come in town and cheer me on, as well. They showed up four times along the course and made me feel like a rockstar. I felt much more prepared going into this race because of the work I did leading up to Boston with RCTC. I can’t imagine a more lively, fun race day.”

Hope Hill

It was Liz Anjos‘s third time running the Boston Marathon. Anjos beat her course PR by 16 minutes, but came up short of some personal goals. She wrote, “What I’m proud of is staying positive the whole time and just taking in the experience, and for the first time ever in Boston feeling joy and excitement (not just relief) to reach the finish line. I think in the past I would have beaten myself up for not reaching my time goal, but running is about so much more than that. I’m grateful for the experience!”

Liz Anjos / Photo by Molly Malone

Bridges to Brews

The day previous, Juliana DePietro ran what would be her last race in her RCTC singlet before she heads off to start a new chapter on the east coast. It also happened to be the last Bridge to Brews in which the course would take runners over the Fremont Bridge, allowing for sweeping views of the city. DePietro wrote, “I ran Bridges to Brews this weekend (my first 10k!!) with a dear friend. I made the choice before the race to run with him, rather than race, and it was a struggle not to push myself. I ran far slower than I’m accustomed to doing in my RCTC singlet, and while that was a challenge, it allowed me the opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come as a runner over the past two years with this team. I’m so grateful to have been  a part of this community and will miss it dearly.”

Corvallis Half Marathon

Down in Corvallis, Oregon, Marla Smith and Cate Maxson had rock solid half marathon performances. Smith wrote, “I signed up to race the Corvallis half since my NYC goal race in March didn’t go as planned. I knew physically I had it in me to run a PR but just needed to mentally do it. This was the best executed half marathon that I’ve ran and I felt strong at the finish. I’m really happy with my 1:21:17 finish time and 2 minute PR.

Marla Smith

Peterson Ridge Rumble

Dani Reese and super-pup Vilas took on the dog-friendly 20 mile trail run together. Reese wrote, “Vilas and I have shared many things. We’ve shared food, a bed and many miles in the car together. But by far, my favorite thing to share is the finish line. She was second place doggo and if we’re being honest, I really held her back. But that’s the great thing about dogs, they don’t care if they’re first or last, they’re just happy to be here!”

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 12.21.43 PM
Dani Reese (right) and her pup Vilas

Tenacious Ten

The following Saturday, April 20th, Shasta Zielke ran her first race of 2019, the Tenacious 10K in Gasworks Park, Seattle. Zielke wrote, “This 10K was less about time and more about seeing what would happen if I got back out there after a lengthy time off dealing with a tricky injury. It was my first time running six miles in almost six months, and while it wasn’t a perfect day, I was glad to be out there again, soaking up the energy of race day, and running in the sunshine. Can’t wait to run this race again next year!”

Shasta Zielke