Caitlin Jacobsen

40067062_1949627208668137_4062662119745756061_nMember since 2018

Hometown: Chicago, Il

Current city: Lake Oswego

Occupation: Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, Full time mom of 3

Instagram handle: @endurecovery

Racing highlights/PRs (be sure to include event name, distance, and year): Post-kid Mile PR – 5:32 (Rose City Mile, 2019)
5K – 19:33, XC Fall 2019
10K – 40:27 (mid-15K race at Shamrock, 2019)
15K – 1:00:36, Shamrock 2019
Half Marathon – 1:26:04, Eugene 2019
Marathon – 3:12, Mountains2Beach 2015
Trail Half Marathon – 1:36, Great Race of Agoura Hills 2016
Trail 25K – 2:04, Bulldog Trail Run 2016
Trail 30K – 2:29, Paramount Ranch Trail Runs 2015
Trail 50K – 5:11, Leona Divide 2016

Best race experience: Coming back from a stress fracture late Fall to set a 4+ min PR in the Eugene 1/2 Marathon in 2019. Any race with teammates + winning two trail races two weeks apart up at Mt Hood: Mt Hood 25K + Wy’East Howl 1/2 Marathon.

Best running experience: Saturday night soccer games in college after XC races. We’d just run around like crazy, playing pick-up games as a team while laughing the night away.

Passion(s) outside of running: Empowering women
Supporting young female athletes in recovery
Working as an Eating Disorder recovery coach with athletes
Playing outside with my kids – hiking, running, climbing, camping, adventuring
Cooking and inventing new wholesome dishes in the kitchen

Favorite post-run meal): Modern Times for a Hazy IPA + Vegan Cheeseburger w/ sweet potato fries