Cate Maxson

48404001_800091283716289_5131473947115651072_oMember since 2018

Hometown: Fishers, Indiana

Current city: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Physical Therapist (Pediatrics)

Instagram handle: @catemaxson

Racing highlights/PRs:
5K – 18:40, Big Ten Hoops Day 2011
8K – 32:10, Briggs and Al’s Run 2010
Half Marathon – 1:29:11, Indianapolis Mini Marathon 2019
Triathlon (Olympic distance) – 2:22:54, USAT National Championships 2013

Best race experience: Meeting my husband! I had trained all summer to compete in a certain triathlon, but I waited too late and the race was sold out. To my dismay, I ended up having to sign up for a different race. A cute guy just happened to be at this particular race (much to his dismay), having almost forgotten that he had agreed to cheer on his friend’s girlfriend. After the race, this cute guy reached out to congratulate me on a victorious finish, and 8 years later we are happily married. It remains one of my favorite days ever! Thank goodness I procrastinated on signing up for that race.

Best running experience: I absolutely love running in Forest Park and look forward to getting to run in the woods every weekend.

Passion(s) outside of running: Hiking, camping, climbing, just relaxing with my husband and dog, traveling and exploring new places, cooking, being with friends.

Favorite post-run meal: Coffee! And then a big stir fry with quinoa and homemade Tali sauce.