Claire Wallace

With Corgi

Name: Claire Wallace

Hometown: McLean, VA

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Digital Marketing Consultant

Instagram handle: @claireandcorgis

Best race experience: The Philadelphia Marathon in 2012. I was on the train to New York when the New York Marathon was canceled. Fortunately a friend gave me her bib for Philly. This felt special because a) I was born in Philadelphia, b) my sister lived there, and c) her birthday was on the day of the race. I ordered her a birthday cake from a delicious bakery, which we enjoyed post-race with my shiny new marathon PR.

Best running experience: Booking an impromptu February trip to Phoenix to run the Grand Canyon with lady friends at 16 weeks preggers. It was one of those “I feel so alive!” experiences.

Passion(s) outside of running: Reading cookbooks and non-fiction, cooking and baking, adventuring with my humans and corgi, and taking picture of my corgi.

Favorite post-run meal: Coffee, a quality muffin, and fried eggs with Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning (it will change your life)

Favorite post-race meal:  Wine (red in the winter, rosé in the summer), really good pizza, and chocolate ice cream.

Racing highlights/PRs:
18:57 – Tory Row 5k, 2016
1:28:16 – Vermont Half Marathon Unplugged, 2017
3:14:03 – Philadelphia Marathon, 2016