Dan Gentile

69084066_2465979400344603_7584558596534828343_nMember since 2019

Hometown: Holden, MA

Current city: Vancouver, WA

Occupation: Concert Roadie

Instagram handle: @dan.gentile

Racing highlights/PRs:
17:17 – Roses on The River 5K, 2019
1:15:27 – Portland Half Marathon, 2019

Best race experience: Best race experience has yet to come.

Best running experience (non-race): Anytime I get to run with my dad it’s a great day.

Passion(s) outside of running: Love taking photos, riding my bike, just enjoying a chill evening outside.

Favorite post-run meal: Favorite post meal is definitely Annie’s Mac and Cheese, with extra cheese and adding Morning Star Veggie buffalo chicken nuggets. All the carbs!