Dan Walters

Hometown: Estacada, OR

Current city: Happy Valley, OR

Occupation: Principal Real Estate Broker

Instagram handle: @danwaltersrealtor

Racing highlights/PRs:
2007 Black Diamond Half Iron Triathlon 4:57:11 3rd AG
2009 Deschutes Dash Sprint Tri 1st AG
2009 Blue Lake Sprint Tri 3rd AG
2010 New York City Marathon – my debut
2012 Portland Marathon: 2:59:40
2019 Forest Park 1/2 Marathon (trail): 1st AG
2019 Ochoco 50k Trail Run – I missed a couple turns, ran out of water, overheated and had a miserable day…..but refused to quit and ran the final mile all smiles.

Best race experience: My first marathon was in NYC and was amazing – the energy, the sights, the sun, the organization…it was also part of a NY vacation, which made the whole thing spot on. It beat my goal (3:07 v 3:10) and it got me thinking I could break 3 hours…..something I hadn’t ever thought I was capable of doing (and did in Portland 2012).

Best running experience: I love speed sets at the track when the weather is miserable. It heightens the sense of accomplishment. Also, there’s a stretch of Wildwood Trail that undulates in an overall downhill “net” – that section always makes run feel like play.

Passion(s) outside of running: Spending time with my son. Learning and exploring. Anything that gets me into the woods. Getting to know my paddle board. Hiking.

Favorite post-run meal: Sigh…..I’m trying to quit, but it’s an iced venti soy latte from Starbucks. I’d bathe in a tub of it post-run if I could.