Emily Ryder

Member since 2020

Hometown: Marshfield, Massachusetts

Current City: Portland, OR

Occupation: Registered Dietitian

Instagram handle: @er1291

Best race experience: Running the Boston Marathon in 2019! My first Boston Marathon was in 2018 when it was pouring rain and very cold-not super fun. It was so great to go back the following year to run it in the nice weather around some of my favorite neighborhoods with family and friends there to cheer me on!

Best running experience: One of my favorite things about running is the chance to explore new places. I traveled to Italy in 2014 for about a month, and I went for a morning run around each new city almost everyday. It was such a wonderful way to see the country! Generally speaking, though, I enjoy the long runs the best as they give me the chance to settle into the run, take in the beautiful scenery, and just be with my thoughts as I push myself.

Passion(s) outside of running: I grew up as a competitive figure skater so getting back onto the ice is something I enjoy doing whenever I get the chance! I also love to bake, bread mostly.

Favorite post-run meal: An ice cream! There is really no bad weather for an ice cream. Preferably Chocolate Chip/Coffee/Salted Caramel flavored. 100% would also be pumped for a nice, fresh loaf of bread to toast, top with butter and some honey.