Are there time standards/age requirements for joining RCTC?

There are no time standards for joining, though we do recommend having at least two years of running experience under your belt. We welcome runners ages eighteen and up.

Limited scholarships are available for applicants meeting certain time standards through our Rose Bud Scholarship program.

Why do I have to apply to join the team?

We want to get to know more about you and your running goals! One thing that makes RCTC unique is its small training group environment. Our hope is to assemble a team representing varying levels of fitness, with each member having ideally at least one or two training buddies with similar paces/goals. In addition, we’re looking for members that will be good representatives of RCTC in the running community and beyond.

I live in the Portland area but can’t attend all the team sessions; am I still eligible to join?

Of course! Our members are adults with busy lives . It’s okay if you can’t make every single practice every single week. Our hope is that you can attend at least one team run and team strength session per week, and make an effort to attend team meet ups and educational sessions as a way to both get the most out of your membership and contribute to the team environment.

I don’t live in the Portland area and won’t be able to attend team sessions; can I still join?

We welcome a limited number of “satellite” RCTC members. Benefits include the option for online personal coaching, an RCTC singlet, a members-only RCTC accessory, social media and newsletter shoutouts, a team discount at the RCTC shop, access to exclusive team apparel from Tracksmith, and access to our private Strava and Facebook groups. Plus, there’s always the possibility of meet ups at destination races. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact us at hello@rosecitytrack.com to learn more.

What if I join the team, but realize at some point that it’s just not for me?

Hey, no hard feelings! You may cancel your membership at any time. We cannot issue refunds, but subsequent membership dues will be waived for the remainder of the team year.

What if I opt for personal coaching but find that the coaching/training style isn’t for me?

Communication between coach and athlete is key! We encourage you to first talk to your coach to address your needs or any changes you’d like to see. Your training schedule is never written in stone and can always be adjusted to better fit your needs. Otherwise, you may opt to work with another team coach (pending availability) or discontinue personal coaching. We cannot issue refunds if you choose to opt out of coaching, but your dues will be reduced to the base membership pricing for the remainder of the team year.

Where/when do you meet for runs?

Our 2018-2019 schedule will generally look like this:

Monday 6:30PM – Core/Strength in NW Portland
Tuesday 6:00PM – Track workout in Beaverton*
Wednesday 6:00AM – Track workout in SW Portland*
Wednesday 6:30PM – Core/Strength in NW Portland
Friday 6:00AM – Easy 5.5 mile run in NE Portland
Sunday 8:00AM (7:00AM if high temps) – Long Run in NW Portland alternating with various locations (Sauvie Island, Banks-Vernonia, Fairmount Loop, etc.)

*We offer two back-to-back track options so members can choose depending on timing/location needs.

Interested in a test run with the team or visiting from out of town? Come join us! Contact us at hello@rosecitytrack.com to coordinate.

I want to join the team and represent RCTC, but can’t wear the team singlet due to a conflict with an apparel sponsor/business affiliation.

Talk to us! We’ll work out a solution together. Get in touch at hello@rosecitytrack.com.