Giovanni Reyes

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetMember since 2018

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Current city: Austin, TX

Occupation: Ad Tech

Instagram handle: @giorereyes

Best running experience: First solo long-run was a point-to-point. I was not prepared and had only been following a Runner’s World training calendar. It was in preparation for my first marathon and I had no idea what I was doing. About halfway through my 24-mile run I ran out of water. I became so delirious I knew I was in my friends neighborhood but wasn’t sure what street his was. I ended up running 27 miles that day just running between two streets on the same block. When I saw him it was the best sight I’ve ever seen after a run. I just laid on his grass and started crying tears of joy.

Passions outside of running: I’m really passionate about my work, ad tech. I’m also passionate about D&D and a few things that are really nerdy like Pokémon TCG, yes that are still a few adults that play this game on a weekly basis. I’m a very big believer in meditation and taking care of your mental health. As someone who has been dealing with mental health I think it is something that everyone can do and get something out of it.

Favorite post-run meal: Chocolate milk is BAE after a run. On a hot day it is a delicious way to cool you down and on a hot day it seems to warm you up inside. I get a weird stomach after I run and usually can’t stand the sight of food. Chocolate milk allows me to get some calories in and keep the hangriness away without upsetting my stomach.

Racing highlights/PRs: The 3M Half-Marathon in 2014. It was my half-marathon PR of 1:44 and something that I will always strive to beat. I remember wearing some mile racing flats and tearing up my Achilles heel but it was well worth it. I went out with a slower pace and for the first few miles felt like they were going too slow for how fast my legs wanted to take me. I decided to test the waters and pick up the pace slightly and mile after mile I just kept pulling further and further away. Pushing myself beyond what I think I could do was my biggest accomplishment that day.