Glenn Kasin


Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Doctorate of Chiropractic/Sports Medicine Student

Instagram handle: @glenn.kasin

Best running experience: Running the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon was overwhelming and makes you realize how small you really are.

Passion(s) outside of running: I am currently chasing my second or maybe third career studying for my doctorate in chiropractic and sports medicine. I worked for Mondo Sports Therapy in Austin, TX prior and love working with endurance athletes. Ripping corduroy or blower pow on skis is my #1 passion outside of running. Plus, its a nice change from the training grind.

Favorite post-run meal: Bacon, Eggs, Home fries and Toast maybe throw in some waffles and a Chocolate Milk Shake!

Racing highlights/PRs:

2018 Eugene Half 1:24:00
2018 Houston Marathon 2:56
2018 Brea 8K: 30:08
2017 Boston marathon: 3:15
2016 Chicago marathon: Ran with a pelvic stress fracture. Ran a 3:30, ouch.
2016 Austin Marathon 3:13:30
2015 NYC marathon 3:35
2013 NYC marathon 3:50 First marathon and most memorable as running all 5 boroughs with 50,000 other runners and millions of spectators was mind blowing.