Greg Mitchell

8X8A0625-(ZF-0717-55470-1-001)City/town: McMinnville, OR

Favorite racing distance: Whether it’s 10k or 8k or shorter, I’m going to say cross country… which is not so much a distance, but a discipline, but oh well. I like the simplicity of it all. Different surfaces, different terrain. Spike up and race from point A to Point B as fast as you can. Mud and blood. It’s the real deal.

Masters PRs:
5k – 14:49
8k – 24:27
10k – 30:15
15k – 47:07
1/2 Marathon – 1:08:21
Marathon – 2:26:51

Your proudest running moments: This is a tough one to nail down, but I think I’d put my 20k American Masters Track record at the top of the list of my proudest moments. I decided to chase the American masters record on the evening of my 40th birthday. My wife and I had to set up all the logistics: from getting USATF officials there, to having the requisite number of participants (and finishers), to inviting all sorts of friends and family, to getting enough cake, ice cream and cowbells for the guests. It would have been terrible to set it all up and then not get the record! In the end, after circling the track 50 times, I broke the old record by over four minutes and everyone went home happy! You can see a short video of it here.

Favorite quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Favorite place to run: My favorite place to run is Hill Road in McMinnville, OR. It’s miles and miles of rolling dirt and gravel roads. I’ve been running it since my freshman year of college in 1991 and I still love it. Early on a Sunday morning, I can go 20 miles and not see a car or another living soul, other than a cow or deer.

Best running advice you’ve ever received: The best running advice I’ve received is: “Rest is training.” Of course, I still completely ignore this, to my own detriment. But it’s great, great advice.

Favorite post-race meal: My favorite post-race meal would probably be the classic burger and cola combo. Preferably RC Cola, but any will do.

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