Jaime Musgrave


Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Current city/town: Portland, OR

Favorite event: Marathon!

5K – 21:32, 2018 Run TrackTown 5K
Half Marathon – 1:45:06, 2017 Foot Traffic Flat
Marathon – 3:40:43, 2018 Mesa-Phoenix

Proudest running moment: Running a half marathon in July 2017 where everything clicked and I ran a time I wasn’t expecting to hit! I kept looking down at my watch and couldn’t believe I was running faster than my goal pace. I found another runner around mile 10 that was running about the same speed as myself, and without talking we kept each other company and pushed each other to finish up those final painful miles. It was an amazing race that combined two things that I love- the unspoken bond that runners experience and the incredible feeling of pushing your body to accomplish things it has never done before.

Favorite quote: “Running has always been a relief and a sanctuary—something that makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. For me it’s not so much about the health benefits. Those are great, but I believe that the best thing about running is the joy it brings to life.” -Kara Goucher

Favorite place to run: I love running along the waterfront in downtown Portland, but put me by any body of water and I’m happy! I also enjoy running the trails in Silver Falls State Park and am growing to love the trails in Forest Park.

Best running advice you’ve ever received: The mind gives up before the body does. My body is capable of doing more, even when my brain is screaming to stop!

Favorite post-race meal: Burger, ice cream, and bubbles.

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