John Baston

Member since 2020

Hometown: Salem, OR

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Nike Brand Marketing [Running]

Instagram handle: @baston.runs

Racing highlights/PRs: 1x 100K – PR: ’19 Wy’East Howl 100K (15:53:17)
2x 50 Mile – PR: ’17 Mt. Hood 50-Miler (10:05:04)
6x 50K – PR: ’18 Mt. Hood 50K (4:43:51)
13x 42K – PR: ’18 Appletree Marathon (3:09:48)
23x 21K – PR: ’07 Run In The Country Half Marathon (1:28:49)

Best race experience: 1st 100K – Nearly 16 hours of running side by side with a good friend, starting in the dark before dawn, running with ongoing beautiful views of Mt. Hood throughout, and finishing after sunset in the dark — exhausted yet fulfilled.

Best running experience: Running Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim solo one day in mid-October a few years ago –30+ miles of extreme up and down with crazy temperature changes, and plenty of time to take in the scenery and contemplate life.

Passion(s) outside of running: There are things outside of running!?🤯

Travel and experiencing new cultures, photography, and inspiring the next generation of runners.

Favorite post-run meal: If we’re talking long-run where I’ve burned a ton of calories – I’m heading to Stepping Stone Café and we’re starting with coffee and a sprite (gotta get sugar in right away) and then an omelet, some ‘mancakes’, and possibly some hashbrowns too.