Juliana DePietro

Member since 2017

Hometown: Davis, CA

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Outreach Worker

Instagram handle: @julianagracey

Best running experience: During college, I studied abroad in Morocco, and one weekend we traveled to a small coastal city called Essaouira. My friends and I went for a run at sunset, at first winding through the twists and turns of the old city, and ending up on the beach. We ran a few miles, then dove into the ocean as the sun went down.

Passions outside of running: Backpacking, traveling, music, learning, my family and friends, making the world a better place.

Favorite post-run meal: A gigantic glass of chocolate milk, plus breakfast foods (pancakes, eggs benedict, or a giant bagel sandwich).

Racing highlights/PRs:
Marathon – 3:55:01, Phoenix Marathon 2018
Half-Marathon – 1:45:59, Portland Marathon 2018
5k – 22:19, Shamrock Run Portland 2018
1 Mile –  6:28, Rose City Mile 2018