Justin Godoy

Member since 2020

Hometown: Portland, OR

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: 5th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Racing highlights/PRs: Work in progress! No official numbers, yet.

Best race experience: No official “race” experience. I have won all recess races against my 5th graders for 4 consecutive years. Including against Stephen Gunvalson, the last 2 years.

Best running experience: Going to the Dominican Republic a few years ago by myself. Had a poorly drawn napkin map in my pocket to guide my way as I brushed past large banana leaves, jumped over tarantulas (already dead), through a tropical jungle to be greeted by a lonely strip of beach. Ran on the beach for a while. Yelled affirmations at myself in a cave. Threw a big rock into the sea. Endorphins on endorphins.

Passion(s) outside of running: Education. I love to teach and learn anything. I’m so lucky to have an occupation where I help someone learn something new everyday. I also love nature and wish I spent more time there.

Favorite post-run meal: I wish I had some amazing chef’s table description for y’all. After playing a soccer game, my favorite post-game food was always the same. It has now become my post-run food. A thin slice of greasy cheese pizza and a diet Mt. Dew. I never drink soda, but for some reason after a run I crave the chemicals and bite of a diet soda. There is never a point in the day where I do not want a slice of greasy cheese pizza.