Krista Weaver


Name: Krista Weaver

Hometown: Wausau, WI

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Pharmacist

Instagram handle: @flyingmaguire

Racing highlights/PRs:
Mile- 4:58, Iowa State Classic 2015
5k (track)- 16:46, Drake Relays 2015
10k (track)- 35:45, Drake Relays 2016
Half marathon- 1:22, Dam to Dam 2016
Marathon- 3:02, Lincoln Marathon 2017

Best race experience: Getting a sub-5 minute mile during my senior year. I had that goal all through college, and it was even better knowing that my teammates and fiancee were all there cheering me on.

Best running experience: I love trail running with my teammates. There’s nothing more freeing than a couple hours running through the woods, especially in a new area.

Passion(s) outside of running: I love any outside activity, particularly backpacking and cross country skiing. I can also be found inside in the winter baking and working on art projects (the more grandma-like the better).

Favorite post-run meal: After a winter long run, I love making shakshuka- made of roasted tomatoes and peppers, onions, kale/spinach/chard, and lots of spices topped with eggs and served with garlic bread. And a glass of chocolate milk, of course.