Lauren Barth

image1Member since 2018

Hometown: Wilbraham, MA

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Registered Dietitian

Instagram handle: @how_to_eat_RD

Best running experience: In August 2016, the second summer my now-husband and RCTC teammate Brooks and I lived in Texas, we took a trip back home to New England to run the 100on100 Relay in Vermont with some of our friends. It was a great group of runners of all different experience levels, but we were all good friends (or got to be on the trip) and were down for a good time. My very favorite thing to do in life is “playing outside with friends”, and that’s exactly what this was: a mildly crazy, very dirty, very beautiful journey through some of my favorite places on earth during the best possible time to be in New England. The combo of green mountains and corn fields just really hits the spot, IMO. It was an awesome reprieve from the Houston summer and such a blast! Despite wrong turns, thick fog, and a nighttime thunder storm that Brooks ran through (when I offered him water during this leg he said to me “there are ghosts out here” and continued right on running), we had the absolute best weekend. It doesn’t hurt that we got maple creemees (look it up) and delicious beer to drink in the hot tub after.

Passions outside of running: I am a lover of good food, good beer, and bad dogs. Brooks and I have two rescue mutts that are prominently featured on my instastory. You’re welcome in advance. My first athletic love was alpine ski racing, and while I don’t race anymore I’m pumped to get back on snow more this year after spending the better part of the last 5 on the gulf coast. Speaking of which, my passion for themed parties and my wig collection definitely both grew while living in New Orleans. I’ve also been working on a Masters of Public Health for a while, and that takes up quite a bit of my time!

Favorite post-run meal: As a morning runner, I love a good breakfast spread post long run. Eggs, bacon, some sort of garden-fresh veggie simply prepared, fruit, and a biscuit or toast, definitely with cheese incorporated wherever possible and lots and lots of hot coffee. Simple and delicious.

Racing highlights/PRs:
Boston Marathon 2018 survivor – 3:11 (despite walking 14 times!)
2013 Connecticut State Trail Running Champion

Marathon – 3:05, Vermont City Marathon 2017
Half Marathon – 1:22:52 (a 7-minute PR from prior seasons), Aramco Houston 2018
10K – 37:53, Crescent City Classic 2018
Mile – 5:20, The Power Mile 2017