Leah Koshiyama

img_2635.jpgMember since 2019

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Digital Product Management, Nike

Instagram handle: @leahkoshiyama

Racing highlights/PRs:
6:57 – Rose City Mile 2019
1:57:47 – Seattle Half Marathon 2017
3:59:57 – Portland Marathon 2019

Best race experience: Portland Marathon 2014. It was my first 26.2-mile race and I ran it with my mom. There’s something so special and surreal about finishing a marathon, but to be able to run through the finish line with her remains one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Best running experience: Last October, my wife and I went on an REI Adventure cycling trip south to north through Vietnam. Each day, we’d ride between 25-50 miles, mainly along the South China Sea, but sometimes up and down lush mountain passes. The hardest route came later in the trip and included riding up Hai Van Pass, ~7 miles and 3,000 feet of elevation. Some of the group chose to opt out of the ride and bus up. Instead of having to bike up it with the rest (and essentially carry a 30lb. bike with me), I chose to run it. I hadn’t run in over a week and endeavored to get myself to the top, hoping to beat some of the cyclists in the process. It wasn’t the easiest run I’ve done, but it was definitely the most beautiful and rewarding. And hey, I beat a couple of the cyclists, too!

Passion(s) outside of running: All in all, I’m a lover of the outdoors. I also love a good book on a rainy day and a crisp (non-hazy) IPA on a warm summer day. Podcasts are my jam, but vinyl has my heart. Pizza is my weakness.

Favorite post-run meal (the more details the better!): Pizza. Always pizza. Never not pizza.