Liz Anjos

p10k-crs-rs0083-zf-1581-37052-1-001-001Co-Founder & Member since 2017

Hometown: Schwenksville, PA

Current city: Portland, OR

Instagram handle: @pinkfeathers

Best running experience: My best running experiences have been on solo runs out in nature, such as Wildwood Trail in Forest Park, the high desert while at a college cross country camp in Mexico, and most recently spending multiple days on the Appalachian Trail running and hiking from sun up to sun down. I’m very content spending hours and hours in my head with the singular focus of moving forward through beautiful places!

Best racing experience: The Hellgate 100K. It took place in Central Virginia with a midnight start time. The weather was absolutely terrible–cold and steady rain. There were many steep climbs and descents, portions of technical trail with leaves, MUD, roots, MUD, rocks, and stream crossings (one of which I fell in). It was the longest distance I’d ever run. I learned a lot about myself and what I can endure! You can read the full recap here.

Passions outside of running: I’m mildly obsessed with ballet and I love baking and reading.

Favorite post-run meal: If we’re talking Portland here’s my regular Sunday rotation: the “Uncle Jesse” bowl at Moberi, the Lovejoy Deluxe with avocado at Lovejoy Bakers, the “Oregon City Bridge” with a side of hashbrowns at Dockside Saloon, OR the Bacon Jam Arugula with a fried egg on poppyseed at Spielman Bagels.

Racing highlights/PRs:
4:58.69 – Rider TC All-Comers 1500m 2019
5:18 –
 Rose City Mile 2018
10:27.47 – Portland Track Festival 3000m 2018
18:01 – Carlsbad 5000 2018
36:44 – Tenacious 10K 2018
1:22:43 – Holiday Half Marathon 2019
2:51:34 – Houston Marathon 2020
14:18:47 – Hellgate 100K++ (66.6 miles) 2019
Women’s FKT – Wildwood Trail out-and-back (~60 miles, 11:53:43)