Marla Smith

Member since 2017

Hometown: Priest River, ID / Spokane, WA

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: Corporate Travel Agent

Instagram handle: @marlasmith20

Best running experience:
-Running through both of my pregnancies. It was quite challenging, but I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of.

-My fiancé and I met on a group run in Nov. 2010, we went up to Salmon River Trail on Mt. Hood.  In July 2017, we went on a date run on the same trail.  We ran 3 1/2 miles up to a view point, and he proposed.  It was a perfect day.

Passions outside of running: Health and nutrition, spending quality time with my family, my cats, and napping whenever I can.

Favorite post-run meal: Plain dried mango, that’s it. I have a huge stash in my work desk and snack on it post run. It has been my go to post run food for at least 6 years.

Racing highlights/PRs:
Mile – 5:28 (four months postpartum), Rose City Mile 2018
5K – 18:01, Oregon Spring 5K 2016
8K – 30:14, Bridge to Brews 2015
10K – 37:36, Heartbreaker 2016
12K – 46:29, Lilac Bloomsday 2016
Half Marathon – 1:22:31, Vancouver USA 2016
Marathon – 2:59:15, California International Marathon 2016

My 10K post baby #2 PR is 38:48 (four months postpartum) and 12K is 48:36 (2 months postpartum). These are the PRs that I’m trying to beat now since my others might be too far out of reach, at least for now.