Milly Seeley

unnamedMember since 2018

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Current city: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Research Assistant (Surgical Pathology)

Instagram handle: @runmilly

Best running experience: Once when I was running a 50K in Florida I myself running behind Timothy Olson (a former record holder in the Western States 100 Miler), and I thought, “no way, that can’t be him,” but it totally was and I got to talk with him for a few miles. He was out on an “easy run,” just for fun so he wasn’t racing or anything and I ended up finishing before him. Now I can say I beat Timothy Olson in an ultra-marathon.

Passions outside of running: Learning new things, riding my road bike, trying new coffee shops, exploring new places.

Favorite post-run meal: Hot mocha latte, half sweetened with hemp milk.

Racing highlights/PRs:
5K – 21:00, Shamrock Run 5K 2018
15K – 1:09:46, Falcon 15K 2018
Marathon – 3:51:26, Foot Traffic Flat Marathon 2018
50K – 5:10, Mutual Mines 50K 2013
100M – 29:39, Wild Sebastian 100 Miler 2013