Rose Bud Award

A big part of our mission at Rose City Track Club is for Rose City Track Club membership to be accessible regardless of socioeconomic status.

This is made possible through our Rose Bud Award Program. A portion of every RCTC members’ dues go toward our Rose Bud and Emerging Athlete award fund, in addition to outside donations made to the club. In our 2021 team year, we were able to support four team members through our award programs.

Scholarship Objective

  • To make RCTC membership financially accessible in instances of situational or systemic financial hardship for members. Scholarships may be of limited duration or ongoing depending on member circumstances.
  • Recipients are selected on the basis of their contributions and service to Rose City Track Club and the community, and personal and/or athletic goals

Rose Bud Award recipients may be eligible for the following benefits, or a combination thereof:

  • All general team perks including a team singlet, weekly team runs, team core/strength sessions, team rate on sports massage, social media/newsletter highlights, etc.
  • Additional Rose City Track Club warm up gear and/or accessories

General duties of Rose Bud Award recipients include:

  • Representing RCTC at the local, regional, and national level by wearing team gear at races and running events
  • Contributing positively to the group training environment of RCTC; attend practices
  • Acting as an ambassador for RCTC
  • Participating in RCTC events and volunteer opportunities
  • Award terms may include taking on a certain duty or a filling a role within the club (terms will be discussed and agreed upon before finalizing scholarship)

To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the questionnaire below in addition to our team application.