Sarah Rasmussen-Rehkopf

Member since 2019

Hometown: Sitka, AK

Current city: Portland, OR

Tribal Affiliation: Quileute/Makah

Occupation: Program Coordinator – Northwest Native American Center of Excellence

Instagram handle: @sarahrsquared

Racing highlights/PRs:
10K – 40:35 Linfield Ice Breaker Invitational 2020
5K – 19:51 2020

Best running experience: Running back home in Alaska along the ocean.

Sunday morning long runs! Nothing like getting up early and spending a couple hours running around back country roads with your best friends. and then of course drinking your weight in chocolate milk afterwards.

Passion(s) outside of running: Exploring, beading, reading, spending time in my community and advocating for American Indian and Alaska Native issues and sharing our voice.

Favorite post-run meal: Previously mentioned chocolate milk, lots of buttered toast and a scramble of whatever can be found in the fridge.