Shasta Zielke


City/town: Portland

Favorite racing distance: Half marathon

5K – 18:18, 2018 Carlsbad 5000
10K – 38:57, 2018 Race for the Roses
15K – 59:09, 2013 Shamrock Run
Half Marathon – 1:29:06, 2014 Eugene
Marathon – 3:14:11, 2017 NYC
50K – 6:26:12, 2016 The North Face Endurance Challenge, San Francisco

Proudest running moments:
-Winning the 4X4 at regionals in high school. It’s the race that made me realize the value of teamwork and that made me fall in love with the 400.

-Running sub-60 in the 2013 Shamrock 15K. This remains the best race I’ve ever run!

-Finishing my first 50K in December 2016. I didn’t run as well as I wanted to, but after finishing that race I felt like I could do anything!

Favorite quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lau Tzu

Favorite place to run: Forest Park in Portland or any other trails not in Portland.

Best running advice you’ve ever received: You can always run faster or longer than you think you can.

Favorite post-race meal: Cheeseburger and fries.

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