Stephen Gunvalson

IMG_1473Member since 2019

Hometown: Willmar, MN

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: 5th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Instagram handle: @sgunvalson

Racing highlights/PRs:
Shamrock 2019 15K – 1:22
Eugene Marathon 2019 – 4:11

Best race experience: I crushed my 2nd career marathon in Eugene this past year. My definition of “crushed” is a PR of 37 minutes, running a consistent pace, and finishing mentally in one-piece. It raised the bar of what I thought I was and am and will be capable of running in future races. “What ifs” abound and am so happy to be on a team that knows where a lot of those hypotheticals go.

Best running experience: I love running on the track with teammates and friends doing various workouts and challenges.

Passion(s) outside of running: I am a cyclist who loves touring, getting lost on logging roads and camping.
I enjoy baking bread and meals for partner and friends.
I garden a little plot in NE with a bunch of neighbors and cook with most of the veggies.

Favorite post-run meal: Strong coffee and anything from Dockside if out.

If I am at home, I love crispy hashbrowns, bacon and omelettes OR everything bagels with avocado/bacon and cream cheese.

Pizza is the best 2nd meal an hour or two after the first.