Team Manifesto

Rose City Track Club is about…

Supporting your teammates. One of the founding principles of RCTC is that we can bring out the best in one another by just showing up. Whether it’s by pacing or cheering someone through a dawn patrol workout, supporting and encouraging an injured teammate, or checking in on those lofty race goals, we aim to be there for each other as teammates 100%.

Striving for the best in ourselves, both in running and in life. We believe in seeing how far we can go when we dream big and work hard in all aspects of life.

Recognizing our humanity. We believe in hard work, but also knowing when to be gentle with ourselves and realizing that we’re all only human. Life will happen and not every aspect of a training plan will always go as intended – and that’s ok! We’re all doing the best we can.

…Having fun! This sport that we love should always be fun (maybe not in the middle of an ugly workout, but definitely most of the time).

…Respect. We respect ourselves, our bodies, our teammates, our community, and our competitors.

…Community. We’re building a team community and strive to be a positive part of the broader Portland community, beyond running.

Safety Guidelines for Team Practices and Team Gatherings

To minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19, team members must adhere to the following guidelines at Team Practices and Team Gatherings:

-Maintain social distancing at all times

-Having a mask or face covering with you at all times; wearing a mask/face covering when maintaining a distance of 6ft isn’t possible (for instance, when passing someone on a bike path or trail)

-Wearing a mask or face covering when explicitly required, e.g. team strength sessions at Athena

For detailed safety protocols for group runs and strength sessions, please read our Team Handbook.