Teresa Stackhouse

fullsizeoutput_e8aMember since 2018

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

Current city: Portland, OR

Occupation: PhD student/research scientist

Instagram handle: @teresastackalack

Best running experience:
I love exploring new cities through running – being able to catalog my travel experiences in the context of running is so special. Recounting the places I’ve seen through my running shoes is easily the best unexpected perk of being a runner.

I have a pair of running shoes that I use exclusively when I travel – they fit in a carry-on – and over the last 5 years those shoes have run in 9 countries, on three continents, and in at least a dozen of states.

Passions outside of running: I love spending time outdoors with my wife and our two dogs, Sam and Huxley! We love backpacking, hiking, lounging in a hammock, or frolicking on the beach on the Oregon Coast. When I’m too exhausted from running to play outside, I love my life as a scientist. I’m highly curious and spending time at the bench is a fantastic creative pursuit, and happily I’m paid for my passion!

Favorite post-run meal:
Post-long run: St. Honoré pastry and coffee
Post-race: Stepping Stone french toast, eggs, and a biscuit

Racing highlights/PRs:
5K – 18:52, Linfield Jenn Boyman 2015
10K – 41:13, NWC Championship 2015
Half Marathon – 1:40:50, LakeFair Half 2014
Marathon – 3:40:39, Portland 2016